Gajaraja Manthram Malayalam Full Movie High Quality
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Movie: Gajaraja Manthram (1997) Directed By: Thaha Written By: Batton Bose & Kaloor Dennis Starring: Premkumar, Jagadish, Kalabhavan Mani,Charmila, Mala Aravindan etc... For More Movies Please Subscribe Premkumar is a descendant of a long line of elephant trainers. He goes to college and complete his degree but can't find a job. He refuses to do elephant work which his father insists and leaves the house to prove his worth and to find a job. He goes hungry after a few days and through fate and desperation runs into Jagadish who is about to commit suicide. Premkumar talks him out of it, and tells him his story and how there is a job open for him for him as elephant trainer and that he is refusing to go. The next day Jagadish leaves and goes to the town and pretends to be Premkumar to get his job as an elephant trainer. Through luck he is able to tame the wild elephant and keep the job becomes the talk of the town. Premkumar finds out , and goes to confront Jagadish. Premkumar thinks Jagadish took the job for the money , but Jagadish has ulterior motives. For More Movies Please Subscribe Join us :
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